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What Happens In The Workshop?

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ppWhat Happens In The Workshop?
In our Workshop we discern and discard misleading popular myths about women's sexual health and functioning, going back to the drawing board to reclaim and share accurate information in a safe, supportive environment. We learn techniques and body-awareness exercises that give each woman the tools to understand her unique physiosexuality and the structure and function of her individually distinctive sexual anatomy; heal from the damage inflicted by negative body images; and learn communication, awareness, and partnering skills.
We are all entitled to this birthright of confidence and awareness, to experience the well-being it brings to our bodies and souls.
What Participants Say About The Workshop


"Growing up in a culture with rampant misinformation about women's sexual functioning is bad enough. Then trying to match those expectation is an oxymoron and an act of self-torture. Thank goddess for this workshop." Lillian

"This Workshop not only helped me but it truly gave me a voice to talk comfortably with my kids - it was like, 'why did I think that was all so embarrassing and hard?' Kids just want to know the truth about being human." Julia

"I was never very confident about my body image, and after my mastectomy I really went into seclusion. This Workshop empowered me to love myself and my scars as a beautiful badge of courage -and I was able to find my way." Freya Lynne

"Why did it take me this long to realize that my sexual wellness is important enough to invest time and care on? I had always been told "sex is natural" and felt like an aberration because it didn't really work out for me.  Certainly none of the information I gleaned from Se Ed or word of mouth helped - on the contrary, I was at a loss. This Workshop, which provides a safe place with other women who have questions of their own and a teacher to help guide them to  their personal answers, has changed how I feel about sex and completely uplifted my self-esteem."  Erica

"I had no idea how your body transforms through birth. No one told me that my PC muscles might get stretched or torn, let alone what to do about it! In the Workshop I finally learned the exercises I needed to restore my body to normal sexual and biological functioning. Every woman should know about this." Yuriko

"I appreciated both the openness and the privacy accorded in the Workshop. Sharing real experiences, asking vital questions and supporting each other was great - it implemented the wonderful private work we did with The Playbook at home." Karen

"In the workshop I realized that women's bodies are all unique and beautiful. We're not meant to conform to a cookie-cutter standard of beauty, but to celebrate our diversity with pride."  Mishu

"At a certain point past 50+, I just assumed I was no longer a viable sexual partner. I mean, my body wasn't "market grade"  anymore! What a time of sadness. And what a victory to regain my self-esteem through working on body image and aging during the Workshop. I feel like I've rejoined the human race." Corinne

"As a soldier in active combat, I would find it impossible to return stateside and drop my defenses enough to be intimate. I almost lost my partner. I found tools in the Communication and Partnering sections of the Workshop to help me get past this and connect to her. Thank god." Beth Anne

"As a woman I've always been conditioned to think I have to take care of everyone else's needs. What I want to say to other women about this workshop is it's the place to break out and let yourself be happy - you're worth it. Your sexual identity is a pillar of wellbeing. Your joy-in-life is worth it. Everything changes when you realize your peace and happiness is the center of fulfillment, not pleasing everybody else. Believe it." Christina 

"It was brilliant to have a safe place to realize how much I've always inhibited my capacity for pleasure and joy: 'be a good girl, be quiet and neat, don't ask for too much, don't want more than a polite amount, don't make too much noise' - like being wrapped in a cocoon of abnegation. A life-style of denial! How good to be encouraged to flower into an acceptance of the goodness of simple pleasure, expressiveness and self-affirmation." Jennifer

"I was stuck in an approach that didn't give me what I needed. Really learning about MY body as I truly am - it was a revelation and a home-coming. Now I finally know what I need - and partnering is finally not a way-one street where only my husband is gratified. Now we're BOTH sooo much happier!" Janelle 

"I experienced Female Genital Mutilation when I was thirteen, and sex was always painful. After the gift of clitoral reconstruction, my body was a mystery to me. In the workshop I learned how to treat myself tenderly and unlock my intimate feelings in my own time, in my own way." Sasha


The Playbook
The journey continues after hours!
Part of participation in the Workshop includes giving yourself time to explore on
your own. Each topic we cover has fabulous corresponding 'homework' in your
Playbook; exercises, bodywork, drawing and journaling.

Schedule, Registration, Cost and Location

Current Workshop schedule:
No workshops are currently scheduled
3:00 - 6:00 pm
(Be prepared to be flexible. Workshops may run a little longer).
Register by sending payment, but please confirm by telephone: (919) 542-5141

Workshop donation is $1,600
Payment Options
You are welcome to pay your Workshop fee/donation by Paypal, or by check or money order.
Checks and money orders must be received a full week before the workshop begins.

All donations should be made out to:
Integrative Arts and Wellness

All donations should be mailed to:
Integrative Arts and Wellness
851 Poplar Forest Lane
Pittsboro, NC 27312

You can pay quickly and easily through Paypal
About Shain Stodt

The creator of the acclaimed website Sex Education Station, Shain Stodt is a certified Sex Educator trained at the Institute For The Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California. With over forty years of experience in the sexuality field, she specializes in female sexuality, relationship issues, body image, sexual identity, and aging.
Shain practices in Northern Chatham County, North Carolina, (20 minutes from Chapel Hill), where she leads workshops, counsels, lectures, writes, and advocates passionately for progressive sex education. She is the Director and in-residence sex educator of the educational charity Integrative Arts and Wellness.

"I began this journey at age 11 when I became aware of how many people don't have access to basic sex education. I eagerly joined The New York Women's Center Sex and Birth Control Education Project. At 13 I was lecturing about sex and birth control in public High Schools and was overwhelmed by the need for information, support and access to resources -and by how incredibly appreciative young people are to being treated with respect and honesty about fundamental sexual issues.

"As I became aware of the need for healthy, sexually positive role models for women, I began to focus on an approach to teaching women's sexual and reproductive health. Two workshops with Dr. Betty Dodson and then other research pioneers were a turning point; I realized we need to proactively create safe teaching spaces in our culture to teach women about crucial information on their sexual health in a straightforward way. I created the Sex Education Station website to disseminate knowledge about sexual and reproductive wellness free on the World Wide Web, and The Women's Sexual Awareness Workshops for women who need a hands-on, questions-asked learning experience.

"Recognizing that our sexual  and reproductive wellness is an essential part of our happiness and wholeness is a message that uplifts and heals. If you have questions,  take advantage of this Workshop. Comprehensive information about our sexual health and wellness is our natural birthright."  Shain

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