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"Ah, yes, Tantra - the Yoga of Sex!"

Ah,actually, no. This popular description of Tantra is a vast over-simplification. Tantra is actually a spiritual practice that seeks total integration and wholeness through attuning to your different energy potentials. Sexual practices are an organic part of the Tantric quest for personal growth, harmony, and enlightenment.

During Tantric sexual practices, you remain deeply open and connected to your partner while learning to intensify pleasure.

Below is a simple but powerful elementary Tantric exercise.  

Tantric Exercise: Heart-Palm with Partner

Sitting in front of each other with your legs crossed and touching at the knees, bend your arms and let your palms rest against each other without strain.

Look into each other’s eyes and receive without effort throughout this exercise. Relax your face and do not try to communicate with facial expressions.

Look into each other’s eyes without forcing and let go of any fear. See openly without a goal. Allow your spirit to come out through your eyes.                                                                                       

Begin breathing into your belly together, synchronizing your breath. Allow your breath to deepen, maintaining eye contact.

When you are ready, do the Breath of Fire, slowly, and gradually increase your pace together. Stop together when this becomes uncomfortable. Continue to look into each others eyes.

Tune into the energy that arises during this exercise, in yourself, in your partner, and to the energy you share. Feel the energy at your points of contact. Relax and let this energy circulate between you. 

There is much more to learn about Tantra. Below are two good resources.


New World Sex Education


Tantric master Jaiya offers excellent videos and books. You can also see a number of her beautiful videos on Youtube.




Tantric master Suzie Heuman offers valuable words of wisdom and instructive videos. You can also view her inspiring videos on Youtube.  

Photograghs 1,3 and 4: www.kozzi.com

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