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Toys can enhance sexual pleasure and increase the probability of orgasm both in solo sex and partner sex. In a sense, it is more accurate to call sex toys enhancers, because many people do not experience orgasm without their enhancing effects. So when I refer to enhancers on this page, you'll know I mean sex toys.  ~ Shain 



Vibrators deserve a special place in the pantheon of enhancers. Many a woman who was convinced that she could not have an orgasm experienced her first definitive sexual climax with a vibrator. Many a man who’d thought he’d lost his sexual capacity through the aging process discovered a plentitude of sexual responsiveness unleashed through the magic of the right vibrator or vibrating prostate stimulator.    

Vibrators work by creating a steady or rhythmic vibration. Their vibrating pulse is relaxing to the muscles and stimulating to the erogenous zones. Placed on or around the clitoris, anus, or penis (usually through a soft cloth rather than placed directly on the skin) they can stimulate delirious arousal and orgasm.    

Some vibrators are shaped like phalluses, and some are fashioned to stimulate the external genitals. Other vibrators attach to the finger and can be used on the clitoris, either independently or during penetration. “Rabbit” vibrators are shaped like phalluses with an attachment to provide clitoral stimulation and/or G-spot stimulation. Vibrators are either electrically or battery powered.


Vibrator Style Guide

Penis Vibrators

The realistic penis vibrator is made to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse. The material it's made of has a large effect on how real it will feel. The most common materials used in constructing a penis vibrator are latex, rubber and plastic. A realistic penis vibrator is made to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse, usually made of Cyberskin or a similar skin-like material. The material it's made of has a large effect on how real it will feel.

Latex is a cheaper option and often feels foam like, rubber tends to be more realistic but it feels cold until it absorbs your body temperature. Cyberskin and other similar silicone blends like Futurotic feel the most like-life, accurately replicating the solid center of an erection with the silky smooth skin on the surface.

G-spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators are perfect for deep orgasms that originate from G-Spot stimulation inside the vulva. The G spot is only a few inches inside the vagina facing the belly button so when you're locating it with the curved tip, so make sure not to insert the vibrator too far.

The difference between each individual g-spot massager lies in the construction of the shaft. The thick ones have less of a pinpoint stimulating effect but they are effective if you like sensation on the interior walls of the vagina. The long and slim g-spot massagers are very precise. Each design has a different feel.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are combined dildos with a pair of “rabbit ears” on the tip of the stimulator extension is designed to "hug" the clitoris, with one ear on each side, cradling the clitoris in the middle. You might have to lift up your clitoral folds to actually set the rabbit ears around your clitoris for it to take full effect.

Rabbit vibrators are not for thrusting in and out, because the ears will not make constant contact with your clitoris. Apply it - and let the vibrations do all the work!

Clitoral Vibrators

This popular style has an extension emerging from the shaft that offers external stimulation in addition to internal massage. They are similar to the rabbits but there is 1 fundamental change.

The difference between this style and the rabbit vibrator is that these vibes do not cradle the clitoris like the rabbit ears. You'll find blunt thumb-like shapes and other "animals" that all have a single point which is supposed to sit bluntly over the clitoris. The clitoral vibrator will give you more firm pressure on the clitoris.  

Plastic Vibrators

Plastic reverberates, causing strong vibrations and making them among the most powerful of all sex toys. Plastic vibrators are good for clitoral stimulation or thrusting because of their smooth and straight shaft. The motor is usually located at the tip, allowing for the deepest vibration with the most concentrated power. They can also be used as a clitoral stimulator or muscle massager because the tip is usually tapered of pointed.

Vibrators with Sleeves

The removable textured rubber sleeve adds a new sensation to the smooth vibrator so it's like having two vibrators in one. The most common combinations are a plastic vibe with a rubber or gel sleeve A very important note: Be sure to put lubricant INSIDE the sleeve and ON the vibrator before you put on the sleeve or you won't be able to remove it, it will create an air suction and be virtually impossible to remove! If you do get a vacuum suction created and you can't remove the sleeve, try puncturing a tiny hole in the sleeve so that air can get in and that should release the vacuum so you can remove the sleeve.

Latex Vibrators

Latex rubber feels soft, airy, and foam like. The feeling is filing yet giving and comfortable. Usually they have subtle, soft vibrations because the material absorbs the vibration waves.

Latex is a great choice is you require a very silent motor because the material muffles the sound, making these the quietest among all vibrating sex toys.

Latex is very soft so the shapes are usually very basic because unlike jelly, it can't hold a crooked or bumpy shape. If you insert it into your vagina, it will conform to the curves and creases.

Slim Vibrators

Thin like a tampon so you don't really feel them inside you, all you notice is vibrations inside the vagina. Couples use these before sex because they are thinner than the partner's erection and the motor will add a stimulating feel which is a lovely prelude to sexual intercourse.

Thick Vibrators

If you like the sensation of having a full vagina, this is a good choice. As a result of the added size, the vibrations will be minimal, sometimes very weak. The vibrating motor is hidden underneath a thick layer of padding and most of the reverberations will be absorbed as they travel outwards.

Gyrating Vibrators

Gyrating vibrators do not technically vibrate, the shaft almost thumps and rotates with heavy motion. Offering a different experience then vibration which is high-intensity whereas gyrating is low intensity but powerful and somewhat numbing because of the displacement of the shaft. The twirling motor is located in the head so that the tip flairs as it gyrates, allowing this intense movement to be felt deep inside the vagina. It's different from vibration as it's more low intensity.

Waterproof Vibrators

Always popular option because of its versatility - using a vibrator in the shower is more discreet. It's difficult to classify this in a vibrator guide because it fits into so many categories. The sound of the water will hide the motor and no one in the house will be able to hear anything. You're able to enjoy a morning orgasm in complete privacy!

Always make sure to twist the base closed very tightly before submerging the vibrator, if water gets into the battery compartment, it will break the motor and the manufacturers do not offer warranty replacements on sex toys damaged by incorrectly tightened caps.  

Jelly Vibrators

One of the most versatile styles, the textures range from squishy to thick and sculpted.

On average they are quiet because the material absorbs sound waves. Jelly feels slick and slippery, you must use lubrication or the material will pull on your skin causing discomfort. Once you lube up the surface, the possibilities are endless.  

A concern about jelly is the sanitation. They are the most porous material and some can contain phthalates which is a chemical that can cause skin irritations and other medical concerns. Research is currently underway to see if it can cause cancer. Jelly vibrators are still mass produced because they are the cheapest out of all the styles, and some women can't afford or don't want to get another style. If you are concerned about toxins in the sex toys, we suggest covering them with a condom before use.


Hands-Free Vibrators (Strap-on Vibrators)

These strap-on vibrators traditionally wear like a thong. Specially designed to nestle over your vaginal area and offer hands free stimulation.

There are a wide variety of strap on vibrators, from the small clitoral stimulator to the large strap on butterfly such as the Venus Butterfly that stimulates a large area. Some strap-on vibrators are meant to be worn during lovemaking so you can change positions with ease, and keep your hands free for other things, the sex toy does all the clitoral stimulation for you.

"Clear jelly dildo series" by Nzdilf - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -  "Different vibrators" by twicepix from Bern, Switzerland - fresh vibesUploaded by Vydra. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Different_vibrators.jpg#/media/File:Different_vibrators.jpg


Use Common Sense With Your Toys!

 Follow safety instructions on the enhancers packaging and apply your common sense when using toys. Take loving care of yourself and your partner: play close attention to all safety instructions. Obviously you don’t want to plug in an electric vibrator and then use it while you’re in the bathtub!

  If you are pregnant or have medical concerns that may be affected by the use of any particular enhancers, always discuss their use with your doctor first.    


2 flesh dildosDildos  

Dildos are phallic-shaped apparatuses that can be held by hand, or strapped on the pelvis with a harness.

 Made in different shapes, sizes and materials, they can be used for vaginal or anal penetration.


If you use a harness to strap your dildo on, make sure it fits securely. Try it on before purchasing it if possible.→


Don't buy an overly large dildo for penetration. The average erect penis is around 4 to 6 inches: anything larger may cause pain and tearing.

 Always use the appropriate lubricant with a dildo: vaginal lube for vaginal penetration, and anal lube for anal penetration.   

Anal Plugs, Beads and Balls

anal plug fleared base

Anal plugs are for rectal stimulation. If you have hemorrhoids or polyp, they are likely to be irritated by these devices. You will probably require medical attention to remedy these conditions before you can comfortably explore anal toys.  


Anal plugs are tapered specifically to conform to the shape of the rectal canal, and come in different sizes and materials. Good anal plugs are tapered specifically to conform to the shape of the rectal canal. If you’ve never used one, it’s a good idea to start with a set that is gradated in size from small to penis-sized, and starting with the smallest, gradually build up your size comfort level. Remember to be patient and gentle; the rectum is not very elastic and its delicate tissues are easily injured.  

Anal plugs should ALWAYS be flared at the base to prevent the entire plug from going into the rectum.  

Anal balls and anal beads also stimulate the rectum, particularly the prostate. 

Many people enjoy the feel of them when having relaxed sex, and some people find it enhances orgasm to remove them at the point of climax.   


A Smart Tip for Anal Play

During erotic play, remember that objects inserted into the rectum can cause serious problems. Never insert an entire object into the rectum: a section of any penetrating object must remain outside the anus where it can be grasped and removed. Emergency wards have to treat too many patients for the removal of objects which they adventurously inserted during sexual play - and then couldn’t get out again! Well- made anal plugs are flared at the base to prevent this from happening.


Penis Rings


Rings are placed around the base of the testicles or the penis to prolong erection by keeping blood trapped in engorged penile tissue. I strongly recommend using a Velcro strap that you can adjust for comfort, and remove easily when ready (don’t get any stray pubic hairs on the sticky area to avoid potential hair pulling).  


Be careful NEVER to leave a ring on for more than twenty minutes, after which tissue death can begin to occur from the bands' constriction. Don’t use a ring if you have any medical issues related to blood circulation.  



A good quality, water-based lubricant is an absolute necessity for the safe and pleasurable use of sex toys. Dildos, anal  plugs, beads and balls should be well lubricated during use, as should the surface of any genitals receiving vibrator stimulation.

 Many sex toys are made of materials which are non-compatible with oil-based lubes, and can actually be damaged by them.   

Water-based lubricants occasionally dry out as the water evaporates, but just add a little water to make them effective again. 

Use anal lubrication for anal sex. The rectum in lined with delicate tissue that tears easily, requiring a thicker lube than vaginal sex.

Safer Sex

Sex toys can transmit STI’s! Use a fresh condom on every dildo each time you use it for a different sexual activity during the same sex session, and use applicable safer sex aides with all other sex toys.  


Always thoroughly clean sex toys after each and every use.  

Videos and Erotica

Many of us are aroused by reading erotic literature, looking at erotic art, or watching erotic videos, by ourselves or with a partner. If you have never experienced this lovely form of stimulation, be aware that the field is extremely broad, from the subtle and poetic to the brash and blatant. The erotic is about whatever turns you on, and what that is is up to you to explore and discover. 

Some Favorites

Experience with different enhancers will make it very clear to you that some are much better crafted than others. While it is not the intent of this website to promote specific brands products, a few time-tested enhancers are worth mentioning: 

The Panasonic Magic Wand is an excellent powerful vibrator. Large and somewhat bulky, it is not meant for insertion. Sex therapists often recommend it to pre-orgasmic women who want to experience orgasm, because of the intensity of its vibration. 

The Pocket Rocket is a superior small vibrator. 

The Fukuoku 9000 finger massager vibrator can be attached to a finger during sex and deftly woven into the fray of a multitude of sexual activities, notably clitoral stimulation.

These are a few well regarded enhancers to start with, but of course you will have to discover what your favorites are! Reputable adult boutiques usually have on site sales people who will tell you honestly what their better quality items are,  but only experimentation will reveal which enhancers gratify you the most.

 Photos above: Wikipedia Commons

ED Medication Alert

Erectile dysfunction medications are not aphrodisiacs or sexual enhancers. Their use entails potentially serious medical risks, and they require the prescription of a supervising physician. Never buy ED drugs off the internet, or take another person’s medicine. To learn more about ED drugs, see Sexual Dysfunction.  


Create Your Own Toys.
Why not? You can use all kinds of materials and substances for pleasurable touching, and write your own erotica. As long as it’s safe, hygienic, and enjoyable, your only limit is your imagination. 


Use Common Sense With Your Toys!

Follow safety instructions on the enhancers packaging and apply your common sense when using toys. Take loving care of yourself and your partner: play close attention to all safety instructions.

Obviously you don’t want to plug in an electric vibrator and then use it while you’re in the bathtub!

If you are pregnant or have medical concerns that may be affected by the use of any particular enhancers, always discuss their use with your doctor first.


I Can’t Have An Orgasm Without A Vibrator. Is Something Wrong?

Q. I can’t have an orgasm without a vibrator directly on my clitoris. Love all kinds of sex, luuuv it, but this is the only way I climax. Is something wrong with my body or my head? Some men think it’s like, incomplete that I don’t come just with their cock alone, or seem offended.

A. No, your body and head are just fine. Most women need steady clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, and many utilize a vibrator during partner sex for consistent, definitive orgasm.

We have left an age behind where women were told that they were deficient if they didn’t have “vaginal orgasms” from penile stimulation alone, and entered a much more realistic, down to earth era that actually takes real female sexual response into account. Vibrators are one of the best and most popular tools to achieve female orgasm – and yet a dark cloud of guilt and doubt lingers over many women who have discovered that these fantastic inventions are the golden key to their sexual satisfaction. We are still conditioned to think that sex is supposed to provide men with proof of their virility, not provide us with orgasms and gratification.

That just has to change, once and for all. Sex should result in the gratification of both partners, in whatever fashion pleases them. Rejoice that you have found a good way to have satisfying orgasms, and know that you have nothing to prove or apologize for! If you share what pleasures you with a partner, they should appreciate and respect this intimacy. If they don’t, they don’t deserve the privilege of your company.



Link: Safer Sex

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