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 Movement and Exercise

A healthy level of daily movement energizes your sexual well-being. Movement increases blood flow and oxygenation to all parts of the body, relaxing and toning the muscles and joints, strengthening your heart and sharpening your mind. It stimulates the immune system, expands the lungs, and tunes you back into your body when you’ve become too cerebral! Hours of focusing the mind at a sedentary desk job can completely dull your physical self-awareness; subjectively speaking, you are living in your head, disembodied. Movement wakes you up and engages your whole being again.  

Stress, worry and continual vigilance are also psychosomatic states of mind that turn the sympathetic nervous system on overdrive, drowning out the parasympathetic nervous system, the side which wants rest, digestion, and sex. Getting in touch with the body through movement allows us to relax the sympathetic nervous system, get grounded in our bodies, and restore the parasympathetic systems natural functioning.

Moving Mindfully

There is a crucial difference between aware, mindful movement and robotic movement. Mindful movement incorporates your spiritual, creative and emotional self. It includes being careful to keep your joints aligned, being prudent about any medical limitations you may have, coordinating your breathing, and increasing your capacity for pleasure. It means moving intelligently, paying attention to your body from the inside out, and learning how your body works harmoniously. 

Robotic movement treats the body like an empty machine run by a separate control center in your head, splitting the truly integral way we naturally function -body and mind as one- into an artificial duality that cuts us off from the deeper benefits of integrated movement. This is when injury and dangerous levels physical overextension occur. 

I suggest combining different kinds of mindful movement: yoga, stretching, running, aerobics for your heart, swimming, working with weights, bike riding, and dancing are some excellent options to combine (with your doctors approval). The goal is a complete approach to exercise that works your heart, muscles and circulatory system. The more comfortable you are in your body and the better overall condition you are in, the more you will enjoy sex. 

Please keep in mind- I am not advocating Mr. Universe muscles, or punishing diets to make yourself thin! Unrealistic, extreme body images and standards of appearance do untold harm when they cause us to try and change ourselves into unattainable, hyped up body models that we don’t fit, and shouldn’t aspire to. I am advocating living fully in your body, and keeping physically healthy in all ways. 

Belly Dance

One great way to exercise while getting in touch with the sensual and sexual aspects of movement is belly dancing!  

Originally created by women to teach other women about childbirth, sexual technique, and musicality, belly dancing is a wonderful, earthy, life-affirming dance style that anyone can enjoy.

Pelvic Exercises: Strengthening the Pubococcygeal Muscles (PC Muscles)

The PC muscles surround and integrally support the genitals and reproductive organs. They are crucial to the wellbeing of the sexual and reproductive system in multiple ways. If they grow weak or lax, hernia may occur, causing complications that may require corrective surgery. Keeping these muscles strong averts this serious health risk. It also enhances sexual pleasure. 

The simplest way to locate the PC muscles is to squeeze them by stopping your stream of urine. Practice a pattern of stopping the flow and then releasing it over and over until you have a clear sense of the muscles you’re using to achieve this. Then you can practice tightening and releasing these muscles on a regular basis anytime, at different paces, working and strengthening them to a vibrant tone. Try doing fifty repetitions at a moderate pace, then a medium pace, then fast.  

Women can also insert a lubricated finger or a special exercise apparatus into the vaginal canal and contract and release the vaginal, PC, and pelvic floor muscles around the inserted object to develop tone and increased sensation.  See Pelvic Exercises. 


Conditions that directly affect your sexual wellness such as erectile dysfunction, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and high blood pressure are all profoundly impacted by diet.  For example, foods that add plaque decrease your blood circulation and erectile tissue engorgement, contributing to erectile dysfunction, while foods that break plaque down can slow down or reverse this process. Fatty foods and alcohol all decrease sexual performance, while a balanced diet of light, plant- based whole foods energizes and fuels the libido.

Eating whole, plant-based foods is the optimal diet to promote sexual health and vitality. Diet and nutrition pioneers such as Rip Esselstyn and Dr. Joel Fuhrman have developed diets that promote sexual - and total - health.

What you eat also affects the way you taste and smell - your sweat, sexual discharge and secretions, saliva, breath and excrement. Meats universally create a strong and pungent odor in the body’s secretions and excretions. Sex therapists often suggest that people who enjoy oral sex but dislike a pungent meat odor in the genital secretions and skin, or who like anal sex but are put off by the pithy fecal matter smell of meat, switch to a vegetarian diet.  

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