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The breath is a powerful tool for consciously increasing well-being and self-awareness, particularly in the interrelated realms of fantasy, relaxation, meditation, and sexuality. Understanding the effect of breathing on your sexual and emotional energy is a powerful awareness tool.

Breathing is a function of both the autonomic and voluntary nervous systems, and as such provides a unique way of getting In touch with your body/mind on a profound level. Functions of breathing that are autonomic can be made voluntary: we all breathe unconsciously and naturally, but we can also choose to become aware of and change our breathing patterns, and in doing so, affect our state of health, mind, and sexuality.

We can learn breathing techniques that relax the body while oxygenating the blood and allowing us access to deep fantasy and memory. Learning to coordinate breathing, movement and sound helps us to reach a more complete level of sexual skill and abandon.

Exercises to Expand Breath Awareness:
For these exercises you need a quiet, comfortable, private space where you will not be interrupted, and a thick rug, pad, or bed to lie on.

 Allow yourself to turn off the phone: this time is only for you.

Exercise: Awareness of Breath in the Body and Pelvis
Lying comfortably on your back with your head, arms, and legs resting easily, tune into your breathing. Notice where it is in your body. Your neck, chest, belly, lower back, groin?

 Put your hand on your stomach and let your breath flow easily in and out of the belly. Focus on an image that you find restful, like a peaceful baby, a sleeping cat, or calm waves, and relax into your breathing.

 Let your breath deepen into your genitals. Do this for three minutes, feeling the breath relaxing your groin.

 Now imagine inhaling through your mouth and exhaling through your groin. Do this for three minutes or longer.

 Allow sounds to emerge.

Coordinating with Movement
Rest comfortably on your back with your knees up and your feet on the floor.

As you exhale, allow your pelvis to thrust forward, coordinating your thrusting rhythm with your breath out.

Try this exercise during sexual activity.

Breath of Fire
Sitting cross-legged or on your knees, place your hands where your ribs open. This is your diaphragm.

Do thirty seconds of short contraction from your diaphragm, breathing through your nose and exhaling at each contraction.

 When you stop, tune into how you feel.

 Try increasing your speed for a minute.

             When you stop, tune into how you feel.   

Now coordinate PC Exercises with these breaths. When you stop, tune into how you feel. As you become adept at this breathing method, it can help you to back off from, or intensify, the escalation of sexual arousal.

Coordinating Breathing with a Partner While Spooning

Coordinating your breathing can help you and your partner to be more in tune together during intimacy. Spooning is a good way to begin exploring this kind of connection with each other.

Lie on your sides pressed gently together, belly to back, with one partners buttocks cupped by the other persons hips and groin.

 The person in back follows the breathing of the person in front. Let any sounds emerge with the breath.

Let your breathing grow deeper.

If the person in front feels in any points of tension in their body, they can identify where, and the two of you breathe can into that body part together. The person in back can rest their hand on the tense area, too.

Spooning is a lovely way to begin or to finish love-making.

Images Can Help
Visualizing images can help facilitate breathing. For example, to reach a relaxed, deep breathing state, images of wading in warm, slow water, or of waves moving out further and further into a calm sea, may help release your tensions and gently bring you into the present. Or visualize a warm light gradually growing larger in the center of your body.
What works for you?

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